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EducateMe is Swiss-based Charitable Foundation believing in the power of education to create change.

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Many countries reserve education for its rich and elites, whilst some are completely excluded, and their chances for a safe and decent life are reduced. EducateMe believes that education is the key to change societies in the long-term by giving the young people and the ignored a chance fulfil their potential, to change their lives, be safe & proud, have homes, jobs and a life to look forward to. Our goal is to give children and young people a chance, to a fairer future.

How and where we work

EducateMe uses its skill, knowledge, dedication and raised funds to work with and support local partners – directly on the ground in the countries where the money for education is needed. Our partners have lots of experience in dealing with the practical issues of their projects and are highly committed to their causes. They live with and for their project day-to-day, and report back routinely. EducateMe believes in a global approach so it can best support young people from many countries world-wide that need help.

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Making a difference

The Founders of EducateMe cover all the Foundation’s operating costs – so 100% of your donation goes directly to helping children have a better life. You can help. Directly.
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